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Welcome to OldJew Net.


Our goal is to point to a much more hopeful future: The New Jew.

The Bible Says we as Jews are a stubborn nation. This is true. While half of our nation has evolved spiritually into something beautiful, another half continues to worship the deadness of the past. Rituals, dead dogma and lies replace the flowing, ever changing life and spiritual truth that Judaism represents for so many. The religion is in fact now tragically split into three:

New Jew, Old Jew, and American Rabbinic.

New Jew- a vibrant people living in Israel, embracing the present and sacrificing for the Other.

Old Jew- a shadow clinging to the past, to a no longer significant stage of Judaism.

American Rabbinic- a separate religion altogether which often rejects Israel, the land that has defined and sustained Judaism for 4000 years.

This tragic three way split is reminiscint of our plight 2000 years ago. Will we learn the lesson from the 2nd Temple?

This site does not aim to spread intolerance, or any form of divisiveness among Jews or anyone else. Yet, we at Son of Waves Studios feel information should be available. Truth will ultimately bring peace and understanding. Sweeping problems under the carpet will ultimately only make them worse. So lets use this wonderful new medium to air our differences. Politely, responsible, and with the best intentions. With God's help we might even learn to understand and respect each other in the process.

Dylan, Son of Waves, 1997.