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8/8/03 Still Healing....

Been in Boston for almost two years now, still healing from the wounds resulting from travelling around the world, and passing through too many dangerous doorways.

All is consciousness, and all problems are a manifestation of a problem on the emotional/spiritual level.

Every country is like an organism, with its own defenses against foreign bodies. This is a way for humanity to protect itself from going insane- if a virus of consciousness infects one country, the rest are still immune, protected by seperate languages, cultures, and belief systems. It has been this way ever since the Tower of Babel.

But this obsession with immunology and dominance should give way to tolerance, and acceptance. Otherwise this world is a very dangerous place, especially for people who are outside of the norm and think differently. Free thinkers should be embraced by a culture not harrased and persecuted.

If you would like to hear the sketches of a new music alblum by Son of Waves Studios, about some of these ideas and more, expressed in ambient/soundscape music, please visit:

song list:

1. The Wound
2. The Healing
3. Messiah Virus
4. The Prophecy
5. Trees
6. The Drug
7. Angels
8. Dolphin Swim
9. Flying high over the Houses
10. Back to the Womb
11. Son of Waves 2.0
12. Dolphin's Cry 2.0
13 Island
14. The Upload

The MP3s from The Healing as well as most of the songs from the first two albums by SWS are available for free download.


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