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300 KB quicktime movie of an early Manhattan Project A bomb test.

The Project Double Mirrors CD-ROM (©1996, release 1999)contains hundreds of original digital images, photographs, animation, video, and ambient/techno music, inspired by Ethiopian Women, Dolphins, virtual visionaries, the Manhattan Project, and cyber-spiritual revolution. It runs for over 2 hours, and is fully interactive. It is no longer available for sale. is the internet evolution of this project, and despite the bandwith limitations of today's internet provides a limited preview of the CD-ROM. The entire Double Mirrors Soundtrack is available for free download, and much of the Project's images are available in 5 youtube slide shows. Two books were published in 2001, and are now available in ebook format for $2.99 each

Order the music CDs, MP3's, and books by Son of Waves Studios





Soundtrack CD
24 tracks! ambient/techno
dolphin music$8.99
 The Doorway
Ambient/techno SWS Album. 12 tracks highly acclaimed tracks.$8.99
The Healing
SWS Album. 14 tracks. $8.99
SWS Album. $8.99
 Ones and Zeros
SWS Album. $8.99
 Compilation 2
New SWS Album. the best songs from 2006-2016. Available for streaming.



SWS Album. . $8.99
Double Mirrors
424 page ebook $2.99
Available for purchase through iBookstore
The Doorway
384 page ebook $2.99
Available for purchase through iBookstore
Near Death Experience
2015 - new album by SWS.
Available for purchase on iTunes
Dolphin Trance
2015 album by SWS.
Available for purchase on iTunes
Dolphin Trance 2
2016 album by SWS.
Available for streaming.

 2005 - Double Mirrors picture book now for sale by Xlibris. 80 images, only $26.99. Order now - click image on left!

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You can also find books and movies that deal exclusively with the manhattan project online. Here are a few worth considering:


 Picturing the Bomb : Photographs from the Secret World of the Manhattan Project by Rachel Fermi, Esther Samra, Richard Rhodes, Rachel Rhodes (Illustrator)
List Price: $39.95
Amazon Price:
You Save:
$11.98 (30%)

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