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The mission:

As I evolve from turtle to Dolphin, sharing my work, reaching out, and searching for other artists and dreamers all over the world, is a good thing. is free. (It will grow constantly, building off itself.) All I ask is that my creative property (copyright)rights are respected, and that all material remain on this site.

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More specifically, we at Son fo Waves Studios aim towards the following:

  • Provide exposure of Project Double Mirrors, a body of work that began as a Manhattan (CD ROM) Project.
  • create a forum for new and original digital music (Dolphin ambient/Jerusalem Techno)
  • locate and collaborate with others doing similar Projects, other links in the spiritual revolution. Artists, writers, poets, musicians, will unite. . (If this is you let me know, and we can start by exchanging links!) the infinite wave of Love/Truth will soon be upon us.
  • Expose the beauty of The New Jew.
  • Expose the Lies of Rabbinic Judaism, as well as all organized religion.
  • Find The Ethiopian Woman. But I doubt this web site will help-- gonna have to do that one without the tools (Nikon N-90, Power Mac 8100, 3 Synthesizers, 5300C, underwater Sea to Sea camera for dolphin photography) that have helped me get this far. But dreams do come true. Swimming with technology is important. Swimming in the any of Israel's 3 seas, with maternal waves comforting all who will listen, is holy. And so is swimming with Dolphins. But it is only when I can swim in Life, that I will be a Full Jedi.
  • long term:

  • Begin a Spiritual Revolution. Project Double Mirrors will be a prominent link in the chain reaction that has already begun. Double Mirrors, a theory which explains the origins of hunan spirituality, and thus the meaning of Life, must be communicated, whether by book, CD ROM, photography/digital art, or the Network.
  • This is why I am here.
  • Why are you here?
  • I suspect it is not an accident.
  • Tell your friends!
  • Dylan, Son of Waves, 1997.


    ©All work on this site is copyright protected. All rights reserved, by Dylan Tauber 1996-2017.

    Project Double Mirrors,, and the SWS Network, are a creation of Son of Waves Studios, Israel.

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